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Kazakhstan trade with India

Kazakhstan-India Ties: Facts and Perspectives

By Doulat Kuanyshev in on 29 January 2014

Ambassador India celebrated her Republic Day on Jan. 26 with a traditional parade on the Indian Gate in New Delhi and festivities all over the country. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was the Chief Guest of the celebrations this year. Five years ago, President Nursultan Nazarbayev received similar honours extended by the Government of India. And that very fact has had a long resonance ever since, among Indians of all possible backgrounds. On many an occasion, I had a chance to see the proof of it, first-hand.

Is it because Indians are specially attached, as they say, to symbols and rituals? One can’t dwell long on trying to get an exhaustive answer on this question as it seems obvious, at first glance. When you are in this country, sooner or later you find yourself trying to read symbols and signs of the day. The way most Indians do it, though, admires you as it seems quite compatible with modern day realities. Small symbolical ceremonies take place very routinely, without big fuss but certainly with a sense and a touch with your inner self.

The year of 2014 will be fateful for Indian politics as general elections will take place. On Feb. 5, the Indian Parliament will hold its next session where, as expected, the timetable for the polls will be announced. The next government will be decided by the people by electing Members of Parliament to the 16th Lok Sabha. Voting will be held in all 543 parliamentary constituencies of India. 272 seats are needed for a majority.

But the country has already been in the midst of very active and – at times – fierce electoral campaign. While main political parties and leaders may differ in their approaches and positions for the future, one thing a reader in Kazakhstan must be sure about: whichever party or alliance gets the majority in the new parliament, and whoever heads the government as Prime Minister, Indian policies towards Kazakhstan as well as pillars of Indian foreign policy will remain the same.

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