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Kazakhstan Oblasts

South Kazakhstan oblast, Kazakhstan

South Kazakhstan oblast coat of arms

South Kazakhstan oblast overview

South Kazakhstan oblast (former Chimkent oblast) is the most southern region of the country. South Kazakhstan oblast capital city is Shymkent.

South Kazakhstan oblast has the population of about 2, 461, 000 (2010) on the territory of 117, 300 sq. km.

South Kazakhstan oblast facts

The center of South Kazakhstan oblast lies along the middle reaches of Syr Darya river. The north includes parts of Muyun-Kum and Betpak-Dala deserts, and Kyzylkum Desert occupies the southwest. Mountains are confined to the center and the southeast, where peaks rise to 14, 100 feet (4, 300 m). The climate of South Kazakhstan region is hot and dry.

South Kazakhstan oblast landscapeThe major cities of South Kazakhstan oblast are Shymkent, the capital, Turkestan, Kentau, Sayram, Lenger and Arys (the junction of Orenburg-Tashkent and Turk-Sib railways).

South Kazakhstan oblast features

South Kazakhstan region landscapeSince ancient time Southern Kazakhstan occupied a special place in history of Kazakhstan and the whole Middle Asia. The area where Great Silk way stretched was flourishing in all respects. The cities Otyrar, Isfidzhab (Sayram), Syganak, Sauran, Sozak, Tukestan (Yassy) became not only trade but scientific and cultural centers as well.

The memory of the ancient centuries remained as architectural monuments, such as the mausoleum of Kozha Akhmet Yassauyi, Arystan baba, Iskak baba, Abdel-Aziza, Meralibaba, Karashash Ana, Ibragim ata and madrasah Appak Ishana. For several centuries the town of Turkestan (Yassy) was large Muslim center and in 16th-19th centuries the town was the residence of Kazakh khans.

South Kazakhstan oblast natureIn the new history South Kazakhstan oblast was formed as an administrative unit in 1932. In the beginning of Soviet power Shymkent lead plant was constructed. At the end of 1941 a lot of industrial plants were evacuated to Shymkent city.

The region is multi-national, representatives of about 100 nationalities live there. Kazakhs constitute about half the population of South Kazakhstan region. Other groups include Russians, Uzbeks and Ukrainians.

South Kazakhstan oblast landscapes

South Kazakhstan oblast landscape

South Kazakhstan region landscape

South Kazakhstan oblast nature

South Kazakhstan oblast economics

South Kazakhstan region is rich in natural deposits such as coal, iron ore, limestone, granite, marble, gypsum and quartz. The oblast is the leading one in Kazakhstan uranium deposits, the third one in phosphorites and iron ores.

The leading industries of South Kazakhstan region are nonferrous metallurgy, textiles, and food. Lead and zinc are mined in Karatau Mountains and lignite in Lenger area.

South Kazakhstan oblast scenery South Kazakhstan region scenery South Kazakhstan village scenery Southern Kazakhstan region nature
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What Oblast borders Kazakhstan?

The Kaliningrad Oblast borders the country of Kazakhstan. It is also bordered by China and Russia.

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