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Kazakhstan Calendar

WAI calendar, March


Wardell Armstrong International calendar competition 2015 - March.

The award-winning images featured in the Wardell Armstrong International (WAI) calendar continue with the March feature of “the story behind the image”.

Photography: Wardell Armstrong International
Project: Due diligence on a gold project
Location: Kazakhstan.

This photograph was taken during a due diligence exercise on behalf of a client looking to make an investment in a number of gold assets in Kazakhstan.

The team comprised of the following senior Wardell Armstrong International staff:-

• Phil Newall (geologist and team leader)
• Phil King (metallurgist)
• Alison Allen (environmental engineer)
• Ruslan Sevostyanov (mining engineer).

WAI was considering several costed options for the client with a view to providing a recommended way forward for project development of a number of open pit mining operations with centralised processing plant. This work culminated in the production of a detailed Financial Analysis of the project.

Historic Soviet nuclear testing

Of particular interest is that the assets were all located in the “Polygon” – an area of historic Soviet nuclear testing.

This has had the effect of making the area off limits for many years and it is only now that outside access is readily available.

WAI visited the famous Chagan Lake (above), which was the site of the largest sub-surface blast in the region, undertaken in order to determine whether it was possible to create water reservoirs on the generally dry and arid Steppe.

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