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Astana Kazakhstan photos

Astana city, Kazakhstan overview, attractions, photos

Astana city flagLocal time in Astana city is December 10, 12:10 am (+6 UTC).

Astana history

Known as Akmolinsk (Kazakh akmola, “white tomb”) until 1961, Tselinograd (Celinograd) until 1997 Astana was founded in 1830 as a Cossack advanced post. Later a small fortress grew into a town. In 19th century Akmola became an important geopolitical center of the region actually being the center of the whole district.

Astana population reached 33, 000 when the town received the status of oblast (region) center in 1939.

Astana city coat of armsSoviet Virgin and Idle Lands Campaign in the mid-1950s (Tselinograd is Russian for Virgin Lands City) and Astana city role as capital of the region that united the five northern oblasts of Kazakhstan in 1960-1965 greatly enhanced its importance.

It led to much new construction and the setting up of various research and higher educational institutions in Astana city. Teacher training, agriculture, medicine, engineering and construction institutes were built in Astana.

In 1992 the city was renamed into Akmola. The word “Akmola” in Kazakh language means “White Grave” or “White Sacred Place”. On May 6th, 1998, by Kazakhstan President’s decree the city Akmola was renamed into Astana.

Astana city, Kazakhstan night viewAstana streets

Astana city street view

Astana city street scenery

Astana city, Kazakhstan street

Astana facts

In 1997 Kazakhstan’s capital was moved to Astana city from Almaty to take advantage of Astana location as it is much more accessible to Russia and much smaller chance of earthquake.

Russian city Orenburg was the first capital of Kazakhstan (Kirgizskaya ASSR in the RSFSR) from 1920. In 1925 the republic received the name Kazakhskaya ASSR, the capital was transferred to Kzyl-Orda. In 1927 the capital of Kazakhstan was again transferred, this time to Alma-Ata. In 1936 Kazakhstan was separated from RSFSR – Kazakhstanskaya SSR was formed.

Astana city street view Astana city street scenery Astana city, Kazakhstan street Astana city, Kazakhstan scenery
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