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Posted on November 15, 2014 – 12:05 pm

50% New Year discount on Number Selection service

From 16 November through to 31 December 2015, use the ‘New Year Discount’ promo offer to get a mobile number with up to 50% off on Number Selection service charge. For more details, follow this link
Note! Service charge is shown before the New Year discount.

from 6000 tg up to 15000 tg

from 15000 tg up to 35000 tg

from 35000 tg up to 76000 tg

The number has been successfully reserved

Reservation code

Number reservation expires on
till (in 24 hours)

Dear customer!
You have exceeded your monthly limit for reservations. Please, try again next month or make a reservation by sending a USSD request to *222#. Service is rendered on a paid basis

Dear customers!

Due to technical reasons, online number reservation service is temporarily unavailable.

You can select a number online and reserve it by dialing *222*1# on your phone. In reply we will send you a SMS containing your reservation code. Bring it to your nearest Kcell Center to buy the number you have selected.

Number Reservation fee is 200 tenge and is paid in addition to Number Selection service fee.
Reservation is valid for 24 hours.

*Attention! Service is available for persons who have attained the age of 18 years. Make sure to bring your ID.

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