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Kazakhstan Lifestyle

Staying Awhile: Expat Life in Kazakhstan

Working in KazakhstanFinding unique, largely undiscovered places to live in this wired, global world isn’t easy. But Kazakhstan – despite being the world’s ninth largest country by landmass – remains one of those places. Relatively few in the West, and even many in the Central Asian region, have a real idea what life is like – particularly for expats – in this multi-ethnic, former Soviet Republic.

But that is changing as Kazakhstan continues to rise, particularly on the global economic stage. Kazakhstan is one of the world’s emerging suppliers of both oil and natural gas. The largest oil find in the world in the last 40 years was in Kazakhstan and it is a top 20 gas supplier. The country has also become the world’s swing uranium supplier and is now a key producer of rare earth metals – the elements necessary to manufacture high tech goods. It’s also been rising on most international economic indexes and is the most stable country in Central Asia. In other words, there’s lots of business and lots of deals being made in Kazakhstan that are attracting
multi-national companies and forward-thinking business people from around the globe.

Kazakhstan LifestyleAnd while most come to Kazakhstan for a short time to scope out opportunities or close a deal and then fly back to their home countries, others have found this unique county with its mix of Asian, Russian, and Western influences and its young and changing culture to be a place they want to settle. The foreign professionals who have come now have the opportunity to experience the beauty of this country and its cultures, and to share their professional expertise with locals. The reciprocal exchange of skills and knowledge is helping both sides grow and develop.

So EdgeKz spoke to a few of the expats who have not only come for Kazakhstan’s opportunities, but decided to stay for its lifestyle.

Anastasia Semenchukova
Age: 30
Birthplace: Born in Kazakhstan, raised in Russia
Profession: Director, AltynMerei, employment agency for persons with disabilities
Kazakh Residence: Astana

Living in Astana KazakhstanAnastasia Semenchukova grew up in Vladivostok, Russia and travelled the world after finishing high school. She graduated from university in China, where she learned to speak Mandarin, and then set off on numerous trips around Europe. Though she was born on Kazakh soil and had seen much of the world by her early 20s, she first become familiar with Kazakhstan because her many flights to and from Vladivostok were through Astana. And, she says, she began to feel comfortable here. So in her mid-twenties,

Semenchukova decided to move to Kazakhstan because she felt there were career opportunities in the young country. In the years since, the 30-year-old has built a rich social and professional life and has risen to become director of the AltynMerei agency, which helps find employment for people with disabilities. “It is easier to advance here, career-wise… I love the opportunities and possibilities that Kazakhstan offers for people like me, young professionals, ” she said.

Expatriates Kazakhstan Expat Life in Astana
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Kazakhstan Lifestyle
Kazakhstan Lifestyle
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