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Kazakhstan Language Translation

Kazakh Translation and Language Services

Asqat Yerkimbay trains local

Axis Translations offer Kazakh language services that include translation, transcription and interpreting. We can assist with Kazakh in combination with over 200 languages and hope the following information will help you to choose Axis Translations for your requirement.

Internet Marketing
Big and small companies alike need to be able to communicate with people looking for their products that speak and write the Kazakh language. The economy in Kazakhstan is quickly developing. Many people there are looking for ways to spend their new found income. Developing a site in Kazakh allows you to market directly to these people. A site written in Kazakh will be looked at twice as long by viewers who speak Kazakh than a website in any other language. Furthermore, purchases are four times more likely to occur from websites in the users (Kazakh) language.

Legal Documents Including Royalty Agreements
The economy of Kazakhstan is based on crude oil. Companies needing to negotiate contracts for this crude oil must be able to trust their Kazakh translators. We have a long history of working with the legal community to assure these contracts are translated correctly. Kazakhstan is also the leading exporter of uranium. Like crude oil contracts, contracts on uranium must be done quickly and correctly. We are not only able to translate contracts from Kazakh into English we are able to translate contracts from English into Kazakh and an extensive list of languages. We do not rely on automated programs, as we have native speakers, qualified and experienced translators, who are able to understand all the nuances of these contracts. We can also provide Kazakh interpreters for meetings.

Product Manuals
The economy of Kazakhstan is quickly developing. With that development, comes the need for technical manuals. Most technical manuals are not written in Kazakh. When you need a manual translated into Kazakh, rely on our experts. We can provide the translation at a reasonable cost. Please remember that the understanding of these manuals is also critical for health and safety, as well as the correct maintenance and life-span of the item.

Education and Training
Education comes in many forms. Many people who read and write Kazakh love learning about many different topics. Make sure that your education materials are translated correctly into Kazakh. This material may include important advancements in finances, agriculture or informational technology.

Perhaps you are expanding in Kazakhstan. Training will be important to ensure that company practices and standards are maintained.


We also assist with the translation of personal documents. This includes Will’s, birth and death certificates, marriage and divorce documents, qualifications and a wide range of personal circumstance for people who have moved away from Kazakhstan.


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