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Capital of Kazakhstan map

Akim of the Capital visited "Alau" Ice Palace and "Atameken" Map of

The 100-meter-tall tower has

Akim of the Capital visited "Alau" Ice Palace and "Atameken" Map of Kazakhstan" Ethno-Memorial Complex

Today, Akim of the Capital, Adilbek Zhaksybekov, visited the facilities of sports and cultural infrastructure in Astana: "Alau" Ice Palace and "Atameken" Map of Kazakhstan" Ethno-Memorial Complex.

The first in the ranking for the quality of infrastructure and the seventh in the ranking for the speed among the worlds ice arenas, "Alau" today is still the most visited sports facility in Kazakhstan. The "public skating" project, which this year became available on weekdays, playground for table tennis in the summer period, hockey court, a fitness center, gyms for team sports and dance, outdoor beach volleyball courts and indoor football fields, as well as new shooting gallery equipped with the latest technology allow keeping the doors of the palace open not only for professional athletes, but also for sports enthusiasts.

- The Palace should not be idle, it is necessary to effectively use its capacities. It must be available for both, professional athletes and for all the residents, - said Akim of the capital, noting that the response to the instruction of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on ensuring the availability of sports facilities for the public is a common challenge.

A. Zhaksybekov watched the progress of the training sessions of the city teams in shooting, speed skating and short track speed skating, as well as talked about the state of the ice surface with the leaders of the national team in speed skating, Denis Kuzin and Yekaterina Aydova, the head coach of Kazakhstan, Vladimir Sayutin. According to the head coach, "Alau" ice is able to host the Olympics at once. During a visit to the ice palace, Akim of the capital presented a new director, Sauyrbay Yeszhanov, to "Alau" team.

2015 season came to an end in "Atameken" Map of Kazakhstan" Ethno-Memorial Complex, nevertheless, the complex has big plans for the future years aimed at significant increase in the number of visitors. The facility that is conveniently located in the park area is to become one of the tourist centers of the capital in the nearest future, especially in the run-up to EXPO-2017.

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