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Kazakhstan Call Girls

Empowering Girls

Arailym Ashirbekova, Institute for Development and Economic Affairs (IDEA), Kazakhstan, MA Gender and International development, University of Warwick.

“We need a strategy to end the violence against girls, early and forced marriages in Central Asia.”

Women’s League of Creative Initiative of Kazakhstan

This essay presents a summary of the issues and ideas on women empowerment discussed at the conference of the Women’s League of Creative Initiative of Kazakhstan held on January 27, 2015. The author presents part of her own research, and incorporates it into the discussion of the topics raised at the conference.

Empowering girls

The Women’s League of Creative Initiative of Kazakhstan held its conference on January 27, 2015 in Almaty ending with a call to improve the status of women and girls in Kazakhstan. The conference was attended by women activists, religious clerks, donors, national and international experts. One of the main questions raised by participants was on early and arranged marriages. Based on personal research, the author suggests that economic empowerment is a way to foster positive change.

Kazakhstan made a number of commitments to the international community by signing Beijing Platform for Action, Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and other similar international agreements on women’s rights. The National Commission on Women’s Affairs and Family Demographic Policy under the President of the republic of Kazakhstan was established in 2006. The Strategy of Gender Equality for 2006-2016 is a threshold for the implementation of gender policies in the country. However, one might observe insignificant changes on the eve of 2016. There is lack of gender disaggregated data and official statistics, and there are gaps in national law. These shortcomings were mentioned at the conference, however, there is a need to go beyond the rhetoric and come up with feasible mechanisms.

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