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Foreign investment in agriculture Kazakhstan

Investors are welcome to agriculture

Of agricultural land – an
Long-term targets of agricultural development are set in the "Kazakhstan-2050" strategy and the Strategic plan for development of the Republic of Kazakhstan until the year 2020. In accordance with the strategic documents for the agribusiness sector, the following figures are extremely critical: by 2020 the labor productivity in the agricultural sector will increase at least 4-fold; wheat yield will reach 1.4 tonnes per 1 hectare; share of domestic production of food products will be 80% of the total volume of their resources. To achieve these figures, "Agribusiness 2020" program is being realized for the development of agribusiness sector of Kazakhstan in 2013-2020. Overall, an amount of 3 trillion tenge was allocated for 8 years of the program, which is expected to allow the industry to attract more than 10 trillion tenge of private investments. This and many other things were explained in an exclusive interview to "Expert Kazakhstan" with the Minister of Agriculture Mr. Asylzhan Mamytbekov.

— Mr. Asylzhan Sarybayevich, which guarantees do foreign investors taking the risk to invest in our agriculture get? What are the "rules of the game" in terms of laws on land and land use?

— First, I have to mention the favorable investment climate in general. So, the protection of investments in Kazakhstan is provided by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On investments", which guarantees the rights of investors and the stability of contracts, and favorable conditions are created by public authorities. We are continuously taking down administrative barriers: public services are standardized and automated, the time of issue and the numbers of permits, etc. are reduced. In addition, since 2014 we have unilaterally initiated a visa-free regime for citizens of ten countries to enhance business contacts and international operations. I want to stress that Kazakhstan is considered to be one of the leaders among CIS countries in terms of favorable conditions for investors. This is evidenced by the international ratings of Doing Business, where in terms of "Ease of doing business" Kazakhstan takes 77th place, in terms of "Protection of minority investors" - 25th position among 189 economies in the world.

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What is the Ministry doing to encourage foreign investment into agriculture?

We are going to introduce the Agricultural Commission to work along the same line as the Mineral Commission; a one-stop shop for any big time investor into the agriculture sector. They will build all the information necessary for anyone who wants to get into the sector: the various textures of soil, the crops that will go there, the size of land that is available. They will move a step further to secure land ready for investment. We are planning to put this on the Internet.
A special relationship will be created between the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Minist…

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