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Kazakhstan will require internet surveillance back doors

Kazakhstan s government plans

The move definitely won't be appreciated by privacy-minded residents, since it gives officials the power to spy on virtually anyone - and in Kazakhstan, that often means challengers to the political status quo. To boot, the measure could easily produce unintended consequences. Criminals could easily steal sensitive info if they find a way to abuse the certificate. Other countries, meanwhile, could use it to spy on both Kazakhs and their own citizens.

This assumes that everyone plays along, too. The certificate will work on Android, iOS, OS X and Windows, but it won't fly on Linux. Moreover, it could easily fall apart if enough people refuse to install the certificate, or if vendors revoke the certificate to render it useless. As such, the UK and other countries pushing for back doors may want to watch the Kazakh experiment closely. There's a real chance that its spying certificate could backfire, doing more damage to the government's supporters than to opponents that had no intention of playing by the rules.


Internet cafes in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan? | Yahoo Answers

When I was there a few years ago, the best internet cafe was located in the Kaztelecom building. The street name eludes me, but it is next to the city hall/oblast building. Coming from the river (and what used to be Derzhinski Street but is now Satpaev Street), make a left behind city hall, and look for the building on the corner with the Kazaktelecom logo in big, bold letters. The internet cafe is just inside the door, to the left as I recall. Though it has been a few years, they had the fastest computers and the most reliable internet connection in the city.
Have fun in Pavlodar. Gr…

Could you tell us about the development of domestic content in Kazakhstan's segment of Internet? 

At the moment we are working on providing access to Internet for every citizen of our country. Today every third citizen of Kazakhstan uses Internet; the content of Kaznet develops rapidly. This tendency has especially enhanced since 2008 when due to the efforts of the Kazakh Agency for Communications and Informatization the traffic of information transmitted inside of Kazakhstan's E-segment was stopped to be charged by providers and the speed of Internet connection was improved.

what is the cheapest and fastest internet connection provider in Kazak - helpfulbox

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