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Tours to Kazakhstan

Posted on September 20, 2015 – 09:57 am

Kazakhstan Cultural Tours

Cultural tours to Kazakhstan can help you to have a look at the main attractions of Kazakhstan. As part of tours you can visit the famous Baikonur Cosmodrome, Altyn Emel ...

Combined Central Asian Tours

Combined Central Asian tour is the complex and eventful trip for those who want to see everything here and now. You will learn nature, culture, architecture of each ...

Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours in Kazakhstan. Sports and tourism, walking tours, trekking, downhill skiing, safari, kayaking, fishing, hunting, biking, adventure tourism, mountain ...

Kazakhstan Weekend Tours

If you are in Kazakhstan for the weekend, you can spend it with pleasure and benefit by choosing any of the weekend tours of ...

Kazakhstan Day Tours

Short one and two-day tour is another way to have fun at the weekend. We offer you several different options, from hiking and trekking trips to cultural ...

Day Tours in Astana

One-day tours in Astana – short excursions to the main sights of the capital of Kazakhstan, as well as trips to historical and natural monuments in the city surrounding.

Day Tours in Almaty
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Report on the Inter-regional Study Tour and Seminar on the Sedentarisation of Nomadic Populations in the Soviet Socialist Republics of Kazakhstan and Kirghizia (5 to 30 September 1966)
Book (I.L.O.)
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