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Famous people from Kazakhstan

Top 10 Kazakhstan-born famous people

Marat Bissengaliyev. stock photoInternet magazine Vlast made a rating of Top 10 Kazakhstan-born famous people who achieved success and acknowledgment outside Kazakhstan. "They work in different areas, some of them no longer hold Kazakhstan citizenship, but they are always closely linked to Kazakhstan, " the magazine writes.

1. Marat Bissengaliyev, a famous violin player. He is 50. Born in Almaty, he currently lives most of the time in Great Britain and India. He is the citizen of Kazakhstan, even though he has been living in Great Britain for over 20 years. He is an Honored Artist of Kazakhstan, a professor of Birmingham Conservatory and one of directors of the Alliance of Asia-Pacific Region Orchestras (AAPRO).

Marat Bissengaliyev. stock photo

2. Marat Zhylanbayev, a marathon runner from Ekibastuz. He was the first person to cross Sahara north to south. Zhylanbayev has set seven records of the Guinness Book. In 150 years of Around the World magazine Marat Zhylanbayev became the first Kazakhstan citizens mentioned in the magazine. He is 48.

Marat Zhylanbayev. Photo courtesy of nv.kzMarat Zhylanbayev. Photo courtesy of

3. Alan Buribayev, 33, a bandmaster. He is famous around the world. He is also a musical director of Ireland's National Symphonic Orchestra. Alan Buribayev works with many European orchestras, including the orchestras of Holland and Germany.

Alan Buribayev. Photo courtesy of

4. Ruslan Aushev, former president of Ingushetia. He is a famous political and public person. He was born in Volodarskoye village of Kokshetau oblast, Kazakhstan. He has been chairman of the Peacekeeping Soldiers Commission of the Councils of the Heads of CIS Governments since 1991. He is 57.

Ruslan Aushev. Photo courtesy of

5. Oleg Yankovskiy, a People's Artist of the USSR. He was born in Zhezkazgan. Later his family moved to Saratov, where the famous actor started his professional career. He was awarded with two Orders of Merit for the Motherland of 2nd and 3rd degrees. Oleg Yankovskiy died of a heart disease three years ago.

Alan Buribayev. Photo courtesy of janackuvmaj.czOleg Yankovskiy. Photo courtesy of

6. Dzhamilya Stekhlikova, the first Kazakh minister in Europe and the first non-Czech former minister of Czech Republic. Dzhamilya Stekhlikova, 50, is a grand-daughter of Education Minister of Kazakh Republic Abdykhamit Sembayev. Born in Almaty, she lived in Moscow for a long time and them moved to Czech Republic. She has two children.

Dzhamilya Stekhlikova. Photo courtesy of

7. Raushan Kanapyanova, a politician. She has been heading the administration of Russia's State Duma Commission on Ethnic Affairs. She holds a Ph.D in Political Sciences. Raushan was born in Kokshetau oblast of Kazakhstan in a multi-children family. Her parents were teachers. She moved to Moscow in 1988 to work in the secretariate of the USSR Supreme Council. She works on inter-ethnic and gender problems. She is 65.

Raushan Kanapyanova. Photo courtesy of

8. Shoukhrat Mitalipov, a scientist. He currently lives and works in the U.S. He was the first scientist in the world to clone primates. In 2010 the U.S. Clinical Tests Commission gave a license to professor Mitalipov for experiments with human eggs and embryos for the first time in the history. He is a co-author of the research where the first mixed-embryo monkeys were born. Mitalipov is ethnic Uighur. He was born in Almaty oblast.

Ruslan Aushev. Photo courtesy of Oleg Yankovskiy. Photo courtesy of Dzhamilya Stekhlikova. Photo courtesy of Raushan Kanapyanova. Photo courtesy of
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