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Adoption from Kazakhstan

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Adoption from Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a country in Eastern Europe with many children waiting in Child Welfare Homes. The children are of both Asian and Caucasian descent. Currently (May 2012) Kazakhstan works with very few adoption agencies within the USA.

Children Available : Adoptive parents should be open to adopting children of Caucasian/Eurasian/Asian heritage and appearances. The need for families is greater for children of Eurasian/Asian ethnicity. More boys are available than girls. Children from the age of 1 year to 15 years are available for adoption. Toddlers, school age, siblings, and older children are also available. Children with no known medical conditions, as well as those with minor and moderate identified conditions are available for adoption. Kazakhstan currently does not have a "Waiting Child" program. Dossiers are sent to Kazakhstan, and a child is assigned to a family based on the homestudy of the adoptive family.

Parent Qualifications for Adopting from Kazakhstan:

  • Kazakhstan has a strong preference for married couples.
  • Two divorces per spouse
  • Families with up to three children in the home provided the income requirement is met
  • No history of arrest permitted
  • Although not stating that adoption is limited to married couples, singles should look at this program cautiously.
  • The age of the adoptive mother should be no more than 45 years older than the child. For instance, a mother who is age 47 should not request a child under age 2 years.

Travel: Both parents must be willing to make two trips to Kazakhstan, each of a duration of 4-5 weeks, with the possibility of a third trip. One or both parents may return for this third trip.

Timeline: 18-24 months, depending on the child requested

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How many children have been adopted from Kazakhstan?

More then 6000 Kazakh children have been adopted by families in the U.S. since ya later!

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