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Kazakhstan souvenirs

Astana Kazakhstan Shopping

French writer Victor Hugo once wrote of shopping that, “As the purse is emptied, the heart is filled.” And if you’re one who relates to that sentiment and loves a good day of shopping, Astana is the city for you.

In Astana, shopping goes beyond just stores with the latest fashions and electronics. It’s an experience. The first place you’ll want to stop for that experience is the Khan Shatyr, opened with great fanfare in 2010. This three-story complex is billed as the world’s largest tent and includes everything from a wave pool to sauna to an amusement ride that drops you three stories from the top of the complex. And, of course, you can shop at dozens of stores on three levels that offer the hottest brands. The Khan Shatyr was designed as an indoor entertainment center for locals to enjoy during the city’s renowned sub-zero winters. But you can also enjoy it year round.

Mega Mall is another of Astana’s large shopping experiences. Mega is located in the heart of the city and is a great place for both kids and discerning adult shoppers. Adults will find dozens of shops on multiple levels offering international name brands from familiar outlets. Kids will love the in-door “Babylon” entertainment center which offers arcades games, racing cars, pin ball machines and 3D battle simulations.

More hardcore shoppers will want to head to the Sary Arka or Sine Tempore centers where the emphasis is on shopping rather than entertainment. Sine Tempore is Astana’s oldest shopping center and features the city’s most expensive and prestigious boutiques. You won’t find a multiplex or entertainment center at Sine Tempore. Just quality shopping.

Kazakhstan ShoppingAnd if you’re looking to pick up a souvenir for the family, try Empire Casa, which features exclusively-designed Kazakh-related items.

Regardless of what you are looking for, in Astana you can shop to your heart’s content.

Empire Casa

This is the place to get high quality souvenirs of Kazakhstan. They have an exclusive range of products with original designs. Their products are perfect as corporate gifts or for weddings and other memorable occasions.

Boutiques are also located in the Astana International Airport and the following malls: Mega, Keruen, Sine Tempore.


Located on the Left Bank this mall attracts the younger crowd. It includes a food court, restaurants, a full grocery store and shops. It is considered to have the best multiplex with seven movie theaters.

Souvenir Kazakhstan Kazakhstani Flag Double Sided Acrylic Key Ring Medium Keyring Keychain Stocking Stuffer
Office Product ()
  • Graphic is on both sides
  • Made of Acrylic which is more durable and scratch resistant than plastic
  • Graphic is 50.8mm x 35.56mm (2 x 1.4 )
  • Graphic & holder measures 57.15mm x 40.64 (2.25 x 1.6 )
  • The diameter of the ring is approximately 28.575mm (1.125 )
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  • Handle size: length around 25 , width around 1
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Flags N Gadgets Kazakhstan Refrigerator Fridge Magnets
Sports (Flags N Gadgets)
  • Quality made laminated world flags magnet
  • Strong magnet can be used on any metal flat surface
  • Great as a decorative item on kitchen fridge or work area
  • Available in various world flag designs
  • Standard 2 x 3 inches size


What about the politics in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is an interesting county, because we native Kazakhs look Asian, talk Russian, and mostly muslim. In terms of culture and politics we are more related to post-Soviet countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, e.t.c. Our culture, was mostly influenced by our ancestors being nomads in the steeps. So, for example, Kazakhs love eating horse meat, as our ancestors used to eat it. The language belongs to the Turk family of languages such, as Turkish. However, our appearance is more or like Asian, so when I travel I am man times confused with Chinese our Japanese people. So in general, Kaz…

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