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Kazakhstan 5 year visa

Astana, Kazakhstan - United States Diplomatic Mission

Also covers Kazakhstan

Temporary Visitors to the U.S.
All visa applicants must CAREFULLY double-check information entered on their DS-160 visa application form. Incorrect data will result in significant delays and require a second interview/appointment.
Due to systems processing procedures, the Consular Section is not able to issue visas the day of the interview. All applicants are encouraged to apply for visas well in advance of planned travel to the United States. Appointments cannot be expedited simply because you purchased your tickets. The Consular Section strongly advises that tickets should only be purchased once a traveler has received their nonimmigrant visa.

Applying for a Visa in Astana or Almaty
To apply for a nonimmigrant visa to the United States, follow these steps:

Step 1.

1. Check your passport:
a) Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay in the United States (e.g. if you plan to go to the United States for one month in March, your passport must be valid at least through October).

b) Your passport must have at least one blank visa page.

2. Check your photo:

To complete your online visa application, you need a digital photo. Please carefully read the requirements to upload your photo and the photo specifications. If the photo you upload does not meet the criteria, you will be given the option to continue without a photo. In this case, if you have successfully submitted the application, you may bring a photo meeting the above requirements to your interview.

The photograph should measure two inches by two inches (approximately 5x5 cm) with the head centered in the frame, taken within the last six months to reflect your current appearance. The photo must be in color and on a white background. Hats or head coverings are only allowed if worn for religious reasons and if they do not obscure any facial features. Eyeglasses are acceptable in a photo only if the lenses are not tinted and there is no glare, shadows, or rims/frames obscuring the eyes. Bringing a photo with you to the interview rather than uploading a photo to the online application form may prolong the visa issuance process.

Please note: Your photo will be rejected at the time of your visa interview if it does not correspond to the requirements specified above even if it was accepted by the online image quality assessment test. This will result in delays of issuance of your visa. Therefore, it is recommended to bring your photo meeting the above requirements to your interview even if you have submitted your photo with an application.
Step 2. Visit the U.S. Visa Information Service Website to pay the visa application fee, fill out an application form, and make a visa interview appointment. From this site you may also request an expedited interview if you qualify.

Please be aware that only the following circumstances will be considered for an expedited appointment: Urgent medical care for yourself or a family member, death of an immediate family member, urgent business when travel needs could not have been predicted in advance, and to begin or resume a program of study when no student visa appointments are available.

All applicants who wish to have an expedited appointment are required to first pay all relevant visa fees and schedule a visa appointment before requesting an expedited appointment.

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