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Uralsk, Kazakhstan

Uralsk city, Kazakhstan (Oral)

Uralsk city coat of armsLocal time in Uralsk city is December 9, 11:01 pm (+5 UTC).

Uralsk facts

The climate of Uralsk area is of sharp continental type, with hot dry summers and snowy cold winters.

There are regular trains available to new and old capitals of Kazakhstan - the cities of Almaty and Astana, the capitals of Russia - Moscow and of Ukraine - Kiev.

The airport Akzhol is located 16 km from Uralsk city. It is an international one after the reconstruction of 1990s. Beside the inner flights there are flights to Moscow and Amsterdam available.

Uralsk city architecture viewUralsk architecture

Uralsk city architecture view

Uralsk city architecture

Uralsk city modern architecture

Uralsk history

Yaitsky settlement was founded in 1584 (1613 is the official date of the city foundation). It was founded on the peninsula between rivers Yaik (Ural) and Chagan. In 1591 Cossacks living in the region became the citizens of Russian state, but till Peter I ruling they were absolutely self-governing.

In 1773-1775 Yaitsky Cossacks became a main body of People’s War headed by Yemelyan Pugachov. After defeat of the revolt in 1775 Catherine II ordered to rename the town from Yaitsky into Uralsk.

Uralsk city architectureBeside Cossacks a lot of Tatars lived in the city. Tatars joined the army, a lot of them were officers. But trade was their main occupation, Tatars were a kind of connecting link between Russia and nomad clans of Kazakhs. First newspapers in Kazakh language were published at Tatar publishing houses in Uralsk.

By 1846 Uralsk became a large trade center. In 1894 a railway was constructed till Uralsk, it was named Ryazansko-Uralskaya and it promoted further development of the city.

During Civil war Uralsk was in the center of severe fights, for a long time it was besieged by the White Ural army which consisted of Ural Cossacks who rejected the Soviet power. Future commander-in-chief of the Soviet Union G.K.Zhukov was among the Red army troops fighting for the city.

During World War II Uralsk was in the front-line area and a point of anti aircraft defense of USSR. 14 plants working for the front were evacuated to the city as well as 20 hospitals.

Uralsk views

Uralsk city street view

Uralsk city administration building

Uralsk city, Kazakhstan airport

Uralsk economics

The industry in Uralsk is presented by power engineering, machine-building, food and flour-grinding, light and construction industries.

Machine-building industry began developing in the city after a number of plants were evacuated there from Leningrad. As a result a plant was organized which changed its digital name into the name Voroshilov (“Zenit” nowadays). Among the main products are military ships and cutter production.

Uralsk city modern architecture Uralsk city street view Uralsk city administration building Uralsk city, Kazakhstan airport
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