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Kazakhstan Engineering

Kazakh Engineering Society

Kazakhstan: Improving the Arms
Type Professional Organization
Focus Science, engineering and technology

Area served

Kazakhstan and worldwide
Method Industry standards, Conferences, Publications

The (KIB) is a Kazakh non-profit professional body for those working in engineering and technology in Kazakhstan and worldwide and speaking in Kazakh language. The KIB is the first ever engineering institution in Kazakhstan. Since September 2010 KIB has been a corresponding member of the World Federation of Engineering Societies WFEO [ The institution's website has participated in the contest for the best Kazakh website [2]. At present this institution is the only one for Kazakh engineers to protect their interests. The institution is internet based and maintains the first Kazakh engineering encyclopedia in Kazakh language [3].

Purpose and function[edit]

The KIB represents the engineering profession in matters of public concern and makes the public aware of technological issues. It also provides advice on all areas of engineering, regularly advising agencies.

KIB also aims to help young Kazakh people better understand what engineering means, and how an engineering career can be made part of their future. Students, parents, and teachers can explore the website to prepare for an engineering career and ask experts engineering-related questions. The KIB has an educational role, seeking to support its members through their careers, producing advice and guidance at all levels to secure the future of engineering. One more goal of the KIB is the development of Kazakh technical language.

Categories of membership[edit]

The KIB has four categories of membership, some with designatory postnominals:

Honorary Fellow (KIBKM) This category is open to persons who have demonstrated significant individual responsibility, sustained achievement and professionalism in areas relevant to the interests of the Institution. Member (KIBM) This category is open to professional engineers and technicians with suitable qualifications and involvement in areas relevant to the interests of the Institution. Associate Open to persons with an interest in areas relevant to the interests of the Institution who do not qualify for the Member category. Student Open to persons studying to become professional engineers and technicians.

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