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For representatives in Kazakhstan

Revenue Management Training for Kazakhstan Researchers and

Fidan Bagirova ~

The Eurasia Hub and Economic Research Center (ERC) held a training on “Revenue Management” for researchers and NGO representatives of Kazakhstan. The training was held in Almaty, but researchers from Astana, Shymkent and Semipalatinsk also attended. The trainers, Gubad Ibadoglu and Ingilab Ahmedov, led training sessions covering the topics of value chain and revenue management in this chain, modules on revenue management, practices of numerous countries, sovereign wealth funds including the fiscal rules applied in management of revenues and studies of oil revenues. Additionally, the participants learned about the comparative analysis of the experiences of both Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan in revenue management and the toolkit developed by the Revenue Watch Institute (RWI).

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What does the colors on the kazakhstan flag represent.

· The blue light color represents the Kazakhstan sky and peace. Also the blue has a religious significance, representing the Sky and God to many of these people. · The yellow represents where a sun appears and the berkut, the eagle of the Kazakhstan.

Why are a lot of Russian players representing Kazakhstan all of a sudden? | Yahoo Answers

well they might have two citizenships,so they can represent two countries! trust me citizenship cost very cheap under the table! im from there

Why there are too many Russian players now representing Kazakhstan? | Yahoo Answers

Sponsorship. It's hard to get noticed when there are 100 other players better than you representing the same country.

What does the eagle in the kazakhstan flag represent.

the steppe eagle and the sun stand for freedom and the flight toward greater heights and fulfillment of aspiration.

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