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Balkhash, Kazakhstan

Balkhash city, Kazakhstan (Balqash)

Balkhash city coat of armsLocal time in Balkhash city is December 10, 12:10 am (+6 UTC).

Balkhash history

In 1928 a prospecting expedition from Leningrad city of USSR has arrived to northern coast of Balkhash lake in Kazakhstan republic. The expedition was headed by engineer-geologist Michael Rusakov. The main purpose was to investigate the deposits of copper ore. First results were encouraging and prospecting work was continued. The expedition came to the conclusion that the copper deposit at Balkhash lake had rich stocks of ore and cooper-smelting factory should be built.

Balkhash city, Kazakhstan streetIn October 1931 “PribalkhashStroi” company was created to construct copper-smelting factory in Balkhash lake area. Bay Bertis of Balkhash lake was chosen to be the place where the factory and town for factory workers and their families would stand. In March 1938 concentrating factory equipment approbation was started. Same year first cooper concentrate was received. 24th November of 1938 was the date when first Balkhash copper was given.

There are about 400 enterprises on the territory of Balkhash city of Kazakhstan including integrated iron-and-steel works “Balkhashcvetmet” and mining enterprises. Also there are some enterprises of food industry closely connected with fishing in Balkhash lake.

Balkhash streets

Balkhash city, Kazakhstan street

Balkhash city streetBalkhash city street

Balqash city street scenery

Balkhash features

After World War II Japanese captives took part in the construction of Balkhash city. In particular they constructed the Metallurgists’ Palace and the airport.

In the city there is a sport complex “Bars”, “Metallurgist”, a swimming pool, a water sports station, air club “Kazakhmys” specializing in parachute jumping.

There is also a museum of local study, a net of libraries and restaurants, stadiums “Metallurgist” and “Constructor”. In summertime one can enjoy cutters and boats.

About 70 km to the north of Balkhash city there is the site of ancient settlement Bektau-Ata, with recreation area and children’s summer camp.

Balqash views

Balqash city street view

Balqash city view

Balkhash city view

Balkhash sceneries

Balkhash city, Kazakhstan scenery

Balqash city scenery

Balkhash city industry view

Balqash city street scenery Balqash city street view Balqash city view Balkhash city view
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