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Astana, Kazakhstan Map

___ Satellite View and Map of the City of Astana (form. Akmolinsk and Tselinograd)

Astana Map
to pan the map click on the respective arrow on the pan button or click on the map and move your mouse/pointer to drag the map around (pan).
to Zoom in +, or Zoom out – use the zoom buttons; or double click on the map to zoom in.
Map Type Control Buttons;
To switch between various map types click on this buttons:
Click the Map button for a street map, this button holds the option for
Terrain, it displays a physical map with topographical details.
Click the Satellite for a satellite image;
with the option to switch Labels (names, borders, roads, business, etc.) on and off, for a combination of satellite image and street map.
The "Pegman" symbol offers the switch to Google's street view, the 360-degree, panoramic street-level imagery.
To enjoy street views, grab pegman with your cursor and hoover over the map, when street view is available parts of the map will change to blue, drop pegman there and you might have a lot of fun within unimaginable boring landscapes.
City Navigator Maps Offline Map Astana, Kazakhstan - CNM
Mobile Application (City Navigator Maps)
  • Search for points of interest
  • Alphabetic city and street index
  • Compass and simple routing to destination for easy navigation
  • Find your Location with offline GPS support
  • Highly Detailed vector maps with fantastic detailed 17x ZOOM feature
World Offline Maps Astana, Kazakhstan - Offline Map
Mobile Application (World Offline Maps)
  • It s fast and easy
  • No mobile roaming charges
  • On-board offline maps - no data connection required
  • Compact maps in a vector data format
  • Simply browse maps by dragging and scrolling


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