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Kazakhstan traditional dress

Traditional dress of Kazakhstan

The beautiful Kazakh girls in their national dresses ( Image: Jonathan Newell )The most of the Kazakh people depended upon the livestock economy and their traditional practices, customs and living style was also of nomadic nature. Presently, lots of changes have occurred in the daily lives of the people of Kazakhstan and their sustenance and priorities have become more diversified. Especially after the Russian domination, the culture was become a blend of from the Western influences. With the passage of time when the cultural ties of Kazakhstan were evolved, the style of clothing of Kazakh people was also turned over from simplicity. Embroidery, floral patterns and new designs were placed upon the traditional attires of the Kazakhs.A Kazakh man with the traditional Bashlyk Similarly animal skins and furs that were used earlier as the raw material of clothing were replaced by imported materials like silk, brocade, velvet and cotton.

The was worn with a waist coat that was more like a jacket or a gown for a woman. The Kazakh men used to wear “zheyde” that was an outer coat along with the trousers made of thick cotton fabric. The skullcaps like the traditional “Kolpok” or “Kalpak” and “Takiya” were the important headdress of the Kazakh men. Bashlyk was prepared with camel skin, which was supposed to be worn on top of other hats, to protect from dust, sun, rain and snow. The Kazakh men normally liked the boots with high heels.

The Kazakh women used to wear pants with a tight shirt but the outer coat was a loose out fit that was also called as “kamzol”, a type of dressing gown. The women belonging to different classes used various types of fabrics for sewing their dresses. For example, the upper class women made their dresses of silk, satin, velvet or brocade etc. Moreover, these expensive fabrics were also decorated with laces, embroidery and stripes of fur.

The folk group of Kazakh girls in their traditional costumes ( Image by Jonathan Newell ) A Kazakh bride in her traditional red wedding costume ( Image: Zulkarnan Abdul ) Some native girls of Kazakhstan in traditional costumes ( Image: nasa-hq ) Some young girls from Kazakhstan wearing yellow traditional dresses (Image by Mark Andrew Barrett)
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