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Kostanay city, Kazakhstan (Kostanai)

Kostanay city coat of armsLocal time in Kostanay city is December 10, 12:13 am (+6 UTC).

Kostanay facts

The climate of Kostanay area is of sharp continental type, with hot dry summers and cold winters with little snow. The average temperature in July is 21, 4 degs C above zero, in January - 16, 1 degs C below zero.

Kostanay city most economically important industries are food processing and other light enterprises. Though there are vehicle and agricultural-equipment repair shops, and spare parts are produced for excavators and mining equipment in Kostanay city.

Kostanay city street viewKostanay streets

Kostanay city street view

Kostanay city, Kazakhstan street

Kostanai city street view

Kostanay history

Russian settlement on the place of present day Kostanay city was founded in 1879. In 1893 the town was named Nikolayevsk. On February 8th, 1895, the town received the name Kustanay.

Originally there were only plants processing agricultural raw, small tanneries and butter-making plants. In 1912-1913s the railway line Kustanay-Chelyabinsk was constructed and Kustanay railway station was opened.

Kostanay city, Kazakhstan streetIn early 20th century the town was a large trade and market center in Kazakh steppes. Swiss citizen Lorets built a brewery (still in action) - the largest in Southern Urals and on the territory of modern Kazakhstan. Beer was bottled in bottles specially produced for this plant, it was uncommon at that time.

In 1950s the population of Kostanay city and the oblast grew due to development of virgin lands. Since post-wart time till nowadays there are rich grain-crops on the territory of Kostanay oblast.

Kostanai city street viewOn June 17h, 1997, according to Kazakhstan President’s decree the transcription of the name Kustanay in Russian was changed to Kostanay and Kustanaiskaya oblast - to Kostanaiskaya oblast.

Kostanay sceneries

Kostanay city scenery

Kostanay city street sculpture

Kostanai city monument

Kostanay transportation system

There is an international airport “Kostanay” near the city. Since July 11th, 2010, the flights are carried out by national companies “Air Astana”, “SCAT”, “Irtysh-Air” as well as “Transaero” (Russian Federation), “Belavia” (Belarus), Hamburg International Luftwerk (Germany).

Kostanay city scenery Kostanay city street sculpture Kostanai city monument Kostanay city university
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