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Report: Morocco, Kazakhstan, Kosovo and Tunisia will send delegations to Eurovision 64

Kazajhstan Eurovision Flag

Yesterday John Kennedy O’Conner, a journalist with strong links to the San Marinese Eurovision delegation, tweeted that Morocco, Kazakhstan, Kosovo and Tunisia will each send delegations to Eurovision 2015 in Vienna. This does not mean they are sending a singer to compete. It merely means that officials from these nations will be on-the-ground to observe Eurovision in action. As you’ll recall, Australia sent a delegation to Eurovision last year — not merely because Jessica Mauboy was performing, but also because officials from SBS wanted to observe the ins and outs of the contest. Surely that helped pave the way for their participation this year. Naturally this raises one question: Are Morocco, Kazakhstan, Kosovo and Tunisia planning to compete at Eurovision 2016?

The Tweet

Tunisia, Morocco, Kosovo & Kazakhstan all sending ‘official’ delegations to Vienna #Eurovision this year. 44 songs for 2016? #Eurovision60

— John Kennedy OConnor (@JohnKOConnor)


Tunisia showed interest in 1977. Several preparations for a national final were made, but for unknown reasons Tunisia decided to withdraw in the months before the contest. Although never confirmed, rumours swirled that the government was not allowed to broadcast Israel’s performance because of existing legislation. The chances that Tunisia will return have been seen as small and the Tunisian government hasn’t made any attempt to return (although still an active member of the EBU). Could things be changing?

Our pick for 2016 or beyond: Tunisia doesn’t have a huge music industry, but they do have some fantastic artists including Latifa. She drops Arab-influenced-pop that makes us move! Her name may mean “gentle” in Arabic, but her music can be so riotous and fun.


Our pick for 2016 or beyond: We would love to see A-Studio at Eurovision. Their music is very current and well-produced, as shown in their 2014 hit “Falling For You” (which was also sung by Eurovision 2010 artist Tomas N’evergreen).


The legal position on Kosovo’s statehood remains unclear, which complicates its potential entry to the contest. One of the requirements to become an EBU member is UN membership, which the country doesn’t have. That said, the EBU did make an exception once: Kosovo participated in the 2011 Eurovision Young Dancers contest.

The Kosovarian broadcaster RTK and EBU signed an agreement in 2013, which gave Kosovo the status of observer. Kosovo doesn’t lack possible entries, seeing that there are videos which carry titles like ‘Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Kosovo‘ on Youtube. The Eurovision fanbase in Kosovo is significant and the call for membership from fans could motivate RKT to keep working on its membership.

Our pick for 2016 or beyond: Rona Nishliu gave Albania its best-ever result back in 2012 with “Suus“. And guess what: She is an Albanian Kosovar!

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Why are Azerbaijan, Georgia & Kazakhstan part of the UEFA and were also in the Eurovision song contest? | Yahoo Answers

Georgia is a european country because most of the population is Catholic and the Language they speak.
Aserbaijan is known as an Asian country but a small part of it is in Europe, normally an Islamic country is not in Europe as its not classified as European.
Kazahstan only has around 10% of its land in europe so its techniqually in Europe as well.
The countries choose to play in UEFA because its a better quality of Football than the AFC...
Its to do with borders not Europe gaining territories..
Maybe if you want to understand it a little bit better by checking out the wikipedia link.

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