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Almaty Kazakhstan Facts

Almaty oblast, Kazakhstan (Almatinskaya)

Almaty oblast coat of arms

Almaty oblast facts

Almaty oblast is located between Northern Tyan-Shan mountain ridge in the south, Lake Balkhash in the north-west and the river Ili in the north-east; in the east the region borders on China.

In the southeast of Almaty region the Dzungarian Alatau Mountains, which border China, rise to over 13, 000 feet (4, 000 m) and are the origin of Karatal and other rivers that cross a sandy plain to discharge into Lake Balkhash in the northwest.

Almaty oblast, Kazakhstan landscapeThe whole southern area of Almaty region is highly seismic. In the northern, plain part the climate is of sharp continental type, cold winters (in January 9-10 degs C below zero), hot summers (in July about 24 degs C above zero). Annual precipitation varies from 5 inches (125mm) in the plain to 32 inches (813 mm) in the mountains.

Almatinsky reserve is formed in Zailiysky Alatau.

Major cities of Almaty oblast include Taldykorgan city, the capital of the region, Almaty (former capital city of Kazakhstan), Talgar, Tekeli, Panfilov, Ushtobe, and Sarkand. Kazakhs in Almaty oblast slightly outnumber Russians.

Almaty oblast landscapes

Almaty oblast, Kazakhstan landscape

Almaty oblast, Kazakhstan landscapeAlmaty region landscape

Almatinskaya oblast landscape

Almaty oblast history

In Middle Ages after Kazakh khanate was formed (1465) Almaty region became the homeland of so-called Kazakh Elder Zhuz which kept its tribal system for a long time. In 18th century the Chinese Empire Tsyn defeated Dzhungar khanate and spread its influence all over the region imposing tax on the population till the southern bank of Balkhash Lake and Chu-Iliysk mountains.

But gradually Chinese Empire lost its power failing to consolidate in the region. Russian Empire began strengthening its position in the area especially by early 19th century when the Russian migrants came to the region, those were mainly Siberian Cossacks.

Almaty oblast economics

The population of Almaty oblast is concentrated in the river valleys and foothills, in which cereals (including rice), legumes, and sugar beets are grown, largely on irrigated land.

Fine-fleeced sheep graze on the alpine meadows in summer and on the steppe and semidesert pastures of the Balkhash area in winter in Almaty region. Lead and zinc are mined at Tekeli in Almaty oblast.

Almaty region landscape Almatinskaya oblast landscape Almaty oblast nature view Almaty region nature scenery
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