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Aksay, Kazakhstan

Aksai city, Kazakhstan (Aksay)

Aksai city coat of armsLocal time in Aksai city is December 9, 11:13 pm (+5 UTC).

Aksai facts

Aksai has developed from a small farming community to one that is primarily based on Karachaganak Field. Aksai is a city of oil and gas industry workers. Hotel Karachaganak restaurant offers food of various nations (Russian, Kazakh, Indian, Lebanese, Italian, Europe, Chinese).

Aksai city street viewThe economics of Aksai city is based on gas and condensate extraction at the large Karachaganak deposit. Also there are several service companies.

Aksai streets

Aksai city street view

Aksai city, Kazakhstan street

Aksay city view

Aksai history

After large Karachaganak oil and gas deposit was found Aksai town began rapidly growing. In early and mid 1980s builders from Czechoslovakia, GDR, Hungary and Bulgaria arrived to Aksai, they participated in constructing of technological lines at the deposit and dwellings.

Aksai city, Kazakhstan streetFirst it was decided that deposit raw would wholly be transferred for processing to Orenburg gas-processing plant. Since that time the names like “Czech”, “German” house, “Hungarian” town are preserved in the city. At present foreign professional working at the deposit dwell in the district of Czech builders.

It was that very time when several underground nuclear explosions were held out to create underground reservoirs for keeping gas. At present all the hollows formed as a result of explosions are laid up and are not used in productive process. Kazakhstan National nuclear center takes control of the hollows condition.

Aksay city view

Aksai sceneries

Aksai city, Kazakhstan scenery

Aksay city scenery

Aksai city administrative building

Aksai places

Aksai city railway station

Aksai city, Kazakhstan hotel

Aksai city marketplace view

Aksay church

Aksay city church view

The questions of our visitors

John Pena asks: Dear Sir/Madam, Could you provide me with the comprehensive contact details for the top 3 hospitals in Aksai and Karabatan? I am particularly interested in private clinics, but government hospitals are fine too. Thanks, John

Expert's answer:

All I could find is the contact of one clinic located in Aksai city at micro district #5, building #8. Contact phone +7 71133 3-20-97. The towns you have mentioned are not large enough to have plenty of various clinics/hospitals.
Aksai city,  Kazakhstan scenery Aksay city scenery Aksai city administrative building Aksai city railway station
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