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Kazakhstan: Newly adopted

All legal entities created in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan regardless of the purpose of creation, type and nature of their activities and participants structure shall be subject to state registration. Branches and representative offices of legal entities located in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan shall be subject to registration without the acquisition of legal personality.

At first sight registration of a legal entity (branch, representative office) is not of much difficulty, but in practice, this procedure often causes a lot of questions. Further, we will consider the most common questions and mistakes.

The first thing faced by the founder is the legal entity name.

The name must consist of the name and indication of the form of incorporation. Thus, the name of a limited liability company, for instance, shall contain the words ‘limited liability partnership’ or abbreviated form - ‘LLP’. After registration, the legal entity is entered in the National Register of Business Identification Numbers under the company name, and, therefore, the company name must be unique, i.e., must differ from the names of other entities already registered.

Legal entities, branches and representative offices may also use the short form of the company name and equivalents thereof in other languages. However, attention shall be paid to the special requirements of the law. Thus, legal entities with foreign participation and branches (representative offices) of foreign legal entities when using the names in a foreign language must provide and use transliteration in the state and Russian languages.

Company name of legal entities established with the foreign participation may include the reference to the nationality of its founders. For example, a limited liability partnership, the founder (participant) of which is an Italian citizen or a legal entity incorporated under the laws of Italy, can be referred to as: Italian Corporation for Mineral Resources LLP.

Company names must not include names that are contrary to the requirements of the law or the norms of public morality; own names of persons, if they do not coincide with names of participants, or if the participants do not have the consent of these persons (their heirs) to use their names.

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